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Bleach is Yummy

Look, I know it’s been a tough winter but being homicidal and demented frustrated about another storm that is apparently approaching doesn’t help anyone.  There’s always a liquor cabinet silver lining so think of winter’s 529 488th last snowfall as an opportunity to enjoy it. It’s all in the attitude, folks:


  • Make naked snow angels while screaming, “F@$# you, winter!!”
  • Thank the snow plow driver for his insistence on blocking you in yet again hard work this season with a friendly pellet gun wound to the forehead ‘thumbs-up’ from your front window.
  • Drink bleach hot chocolate until you die get that warm glow in your stomach.
  • Watch raptly as the BBQ fluffy snow whips around your back yard.
  • Build a snowman and then smash it to #$%ing smithereens with a 2×4.
  • Go for a long walk off a short pier wearing cement boots in the snow.
  • Grab your snowshoes and set them on fire out for some trails.
  • Mull the benefits of a toxic pharmaceutical cocktail some cider.

 Yes sirree it’s been a doozy of a winter!  Staying unconscious young at heart seems to be the secret to enjoying it. Good luck!




9 thoughts on “Bleach is Yummy

  1. Hi Colleen,

    This is awesome !!! Its not hard to understand how much you truly enjoyed this unending winter…..

    I really like your picture holding up the “Bleach is Yummy’ sign.. You look cute and with the right expression for the wrong occasion ”I’ve had enough”already.


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